Seeking a natural way to grow your anti-aging, hormone-boosting, recovery-enhancing, deep-sleeping mojo?
Look no further. Cold HIIT is here.

The Bulletproof Labs Cold HIIT workout is biohacking that will change your game. A twenty-one minute session provides all the hormonal benefits of an intense three hour workout without the physical stress and muscular breakdown. This translates into quicker recovery times, naturally balanced hormones, boosted muscle growth and improved energy levels.

Quicker Recovery Times

  • Low Impact Elliptical – since it takes place on a recumbent elliptical, a Cold HIIT session is accomplished without significant muscle damage. Less damage translates to quicker recovery times. A low impact system also makes Cold HIIT accessible to anyone, no matter their age or fitness level. This is especially valuable for those overcoming physical limitations or injury.
  • Compression – the bread and butter of a Cold HIIT workout. A slight compression to the arms and legs is what allows for the workout to be done on a low impact elliptical. The compression slows the flow of lactic acid out of the muscles in the arms and legs. As the lactic acid accumulates, the brain is tricked into thinking your body is working much harder than it is.
  • Cold Infused – During a Cold HIIT workout, the body is cooled with circulating 47 degree water. The cold allows more oxygenated blood to stay in your muscles during a workout and aids in recovery and pain reduction
  • Anabolic Hormones – Following a Cold HIIT workout, the body is flooded with anabolic hormones which aid in muscle building and overall recovery. Pair this with our Cheat Machine workout to amplify your results!

Balanced Hormones

  • Boosts Testosterone – Commonly considered a “male” hormone, testosterone is actually vital to healthy function in both men and women. Cold HIIT has been a proven method to naturally and safely bring up testosterone to balanced levels for your biology. This is especially important today as more and more people are undergoing hormone replacement therapies.
  • Boosts HGH (human growth hormone) and IGF-1 – These work in conjunction to trigger the growth of almost every cell in the body. For many this means greater muscular development, but for others this could assist in recovering from an injury and regenerating damaged tissues throughout the body.
  • Reduces Cortisol and Estradiol – these two hormones are generally associated with stress and inflammation when out of balance. Routine sessions of Cold HIIT have indicated a reduction in these hormone levels back to a more balanced state.

Improved Energy Levels

  • Endorphin Rush – Many clients report feeling euphoric and energetic following a Cold HIIT workout for up to 24 hours. This is a result of the hormonal response as well as the release of endorphins from an intense workout.
  • Better Sleep – Sleep improvements are a commonly cited benefit of Cold HIIT. Deeper more restful sleep is directly connected with greater energy levels as well as increased cognitive function.
  • Hormones – The hormone boosts naturally make Cold HIIT users feel more energetic and alert. Another benefit of balanced hormones is more regular sleep wake cycles which are associated with higher energy levels as well.
Flying High from Increased Energy

Boosted Muscle Growth

  • Reduced Myostatin – myostatin is a muscle growth inhibitor. Studies have shown that Cold HIIT decreases levels of myostatin allowing for significantly improved muscle growth
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – HIIT has been shown to assist in the growth of muscles by further boosting testosterone production. HIIT has also been shown to aid in mitochondrial biogenesis or the creation of new mitochondria. Check out Dave Asprey’s insightful book ‘Head Strong’ to get the full scoop on these cellular powerhouses
  • Hormones – the aforementioned anabolic hormones are a key component toward muscle growth and development
Cold HIIT your goals to fruition!
We’d love to take you for a spin at Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica.


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