A guest blog by Dr. Joel Gould…

Vitamin D3 is well known as the sunshine vitamin and has garnered a lot of attention over the years. Though nutritional trends tend to come and go, vitamin D3 is here to stay. Erroneously labeled a vitamin in 1925, vitamin D is actually a hormone made from the cholesterol found in our skin by UVB radiation from the sun. It can also be taken as a supplement! D3’s primary function is to facilitate the absorption of calcium from the foods we eat. It also activates our immune system, decreasing microbial infections, (like dental decay and gum disease) which makes me a very happy dentist!

Vitamin K2, a different form of vitamin K, is known for blood clotting. It is a new superstar on the stage of supplements, found naturally in the milk and meat of grass-fed animals. Vitamin K2, also called K2asMK7, helps to manage your calcium absorption by keeping it out of your arteries and in to the places you need it the best, like your teeth and bones. It has been proven to reduce coronary artery disease according to the seminal 2004 “Rotterdam study”.

D3 and K2 are best friends and go everywhere together – they are “Sol-Mates”! They always come together in nature, both from sunshine and from the green grasses of summer. This dynamic calcium managing and immunity boosting duo is usually missing in action in our bodies, due to the processed foods we eat, the corn-fed animals we consume (vs. grass-fed), and sunscreen use on our skin.

In his ground-breaking book from 1936 called “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”, another Dentist Dr. Weston Price discovered D3 and K2 in his travels to isolated indigenous populations around the world. Price described the vitamin combination’s healthful effects on the facial structure and dental health of those who still ate their ancestral foods rich in D3 and K2. The benefits speak for themselves! Reducing heart disease, osteoporosis, and increasing immunity naturally makes this super supplement combo critical for all modern humans to take daily!

About Dr. Gould:

Dr. Joel Gould has been practicing Dentistry since 1991 in Vancouver, Canada and Los Angeles, California. His articles focus on organic preventive healthcare and have been published in 52 countries around the world, as well as on network TV (including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX). He is author of the bestselling book “The Perfect Smile”, and the upcoming new book “Solsleep, The Modern Epidemic”, focusing on treating the epidemic of Insomnia and Sleep apnea without pharmaceutical medications.