NAD: A Key to Longevity
Announcing: Bulletproof Upgrade Labs x Tru Niagen® Partnership

NAD is short for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, a chemical compound and coenzyme found in every living cell. Coenzymes are necessary for the essential enzymes in our bodies to function properly; enzymes help us with critical functions such as energy production, digestion, and DNA copying. Boosting your NAD coenzymes can lead to enhanced cellular function, which is great news for longevity and overall health! If you have not heard about NAD, now is the time to discover this next-generation Vitamin B3!

One scientist leading the way with NAD research is Dr. Charles Brenner, who has dug deep in to what is going on inside of our mitochondria and is a total badass on all things related to cellular health. Dr. Brenner is an expert on NAD and co-discovered something called Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), which is one of the few compounds out there that can boost NAD in your body. That is important if you are interested in aging better! According to Dr. Brenner, “There are actually four different coenzymes; NAD+, NADH, NADP, sometimes that’s a plus, and NADPH. These coenzymes are essentially required for all the metabolic transformations that occur in every cell in every tissue. You wouldn’t live without them. There is no life without them.” Bulletproof Labs believes that boosting these critical coenzymes with the help of NAD is an innovative and excellent way to enhance the health of your cells and ultimately help you to age better.

Dr. Brenner is the chief scientific advisor for ChromaDex, which has created the world’s first and only commercially available nicotinamide riboside (NR) – called NIAGEN®. NIAGEN® is the leading ingredient in ChromaDex’s TRU NIAGEN® supplement which is bioengineered to improve your cellular health and to help you age better. SCORE! At Bulletproof Labs, we are all about finding groundbreaking and efficient methods to help you live a fuller and better life! The Labs’ team could not be more ecstatic to announce the launch of Tru Niagen® and make this life booster readily available for our clients. Dr. Brenner stated, “We want to square the curve so that people are living more capable lives for a longer period of time, and are aging better, essentially. I think that NR has a definite role in that.” Bulletproof Labs could not agree more!

Recently, Dr. Brenner spoke with the father of biohacking, Dave Asprey, on Bulletproof Radio Episode #491 to discuss how you can personally boost your NAD. According to Dave, “If you can get your NAD levels up via any pathway possible – whether it is from exercise, eating the right things, or taking supplements – it is absolutely worth your time and attention if you are interested in living a more capable life for a longer period of time.” To learn more, check out the full Episode #491.


Bulletproof Upgrade Labs x Tru Niagen® Partnership

BULLETPROOF LABS will launch TRU NIAGEN® on May 24th with the TRU NIAGEN® team at the Lab in Santa Monica, California. To purchase TRU NIAGEN®, visit our online shop.