You may have read about the anti-aging power of light therapy in magazines like Allure, but did you know the benefits extend beyond beauty to improve your overall health, athletic performance, and recovery time?

Non-invasive and ultra-soothing, LED light delivers temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, minor arthritic pain and muscle soreness. It also temporarily increases local blood circulation.

Since entering the medical space, light therapy has contributed to substantial wins during the past decade, one of which is the creation of the light therapy bed. Yes — bed — as in, take a nap and wake up to a healthier, more pain-free version of you.

While these innovative beds look every bit like you’re about to fry in a tanning bed, the two should never be confused.

LED light therapy beds are, first and foremost, comfortable. They provide a glow that heals from the inside-out, delivering light that’s the perfect distance from the skin with a slight warmth reminiscent of relaxing on the beach.

Tanning beds, on the other hand, are on every beauty black list because they emit a damaging UV spectrum that’s proven to cause premature aging and cancer.

A temperature-controlled LED light therapy bed with red light and infrared helps manage blood pressure levels, reduce inflammation, heal burns and wounds, decrease muscle fatigue, and stave off the risk for strokes, heart attacks, and cardiovascular disease.

Whether you choose to own an LED light therapy device or full-size bed (the holy grail of at-home medical treatments) or pop in to Upgrade Labs to soak in your daily light therapy, the benefits are powerful! The former requires proper in-home setup which should last a lifetime, while the latter works like this: arrive to Upgrade Labs, relax for a few minutes in our comfortable massage chairs, mosey over to our private Redcharger room, strip down to your skivvies (or ideally, nothing), and take a supercharged, brilliant nap.

While you take a euphoric nap on the bed, your body will absorb the warm light which gets turned in to cellular energy, stimulating the body’s natural process for building proteins, regenerating cells, and healing. You lay there, blissfully disconnected. It’s like getting a wellness massage from waves of light.

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To further upgrade your LED light therapy experience, a treatment-enhancing serum can be applied to your face or body if you choose. You can also purchase a hand-held light therapy device for a quick at-home pick-me-up.

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