What is Your Gut Telling You?

In a world focused on mirror muscles and max lifts, it’s easy to ignore what you cannot see – your internal fitness. Take a moment now to consider these self-assessment questions: Do you have GI issues? Do you feel lethargic? Do you get sick easily during flu season? Does it feel like you overreact to little things in life? Do you feel less sharp than you used to?

These are all symptoms of poor internal fitness.

Internal fitness is a measure of your body’s ability to operate effectively and process the physiological manifestations of stress. It is tied most directly to the state of your gut microbiome, because there are the microorganisms in your gut providing the necessary building blocks to keep you healthy and happy. In other words, when your gut microbiome is functioning well, so are you!

Ixcela is a science-based company dedicated to improving internal fitness by understanding your gut microbiome and offering concrete recommendations on how to improve it. Having worked with organizations like Harvard, Duke, Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital, NASA, and companies like Pfizer – the Ixcela test is rooted in 50 years of Science. And it works!

From professional athletes looking to improve their performance, to you seeking a health upgrade, Ixcela has a proven track record of positive impact.

How It Works

After you pick up your test kit at Upgrade Labs or online, you will be guided to take a finger prick blood test and to complete a short questionnaire. You will send your test kit back to Ixcela where their team will assess your blood for levels of key compounds produced by your gut microbiome. A good balance of these key compounds is necessary for strong internal fitness.

What to Expect

Ixcela measures internal fitness in five key areas: Gastrointestinal Fitness, Energetic Efficiency, Cognitive Acuity, Emotional Balance, Immune Fitness. Based on the results of your test, Ixcela and Upgrade Labs recommend a completely custom program including a nutrition plan you can implement easily at home, and an exercise and recovery plan for you at Upgrade Labs.

Ixcela and Upgrade Labs recommend that you retest every other month to make the correct adjustments to your program based on your results.

You work at being physically fit on the outside, but ultimately the inside matters as much or more. With Ixcela, its scientists and Upgrade Labs as your partners, better internal fitness is within your reach.