You’ve heard us rave about the benefits of cryotherapy, but did you know that our cryotherapy unit at Upgrade Labs is the safest and most effective in town? Here are four reasons why our cryotherapy machine kicks ass.

It’s Much Cooler – Literally!

Using pre and post-session thermal imaging, our cryotherapy unit has been tested against other units including electrical walk-in units and cryosaunas. After a session in our chamber, skin temperatures are significantly lower and more evenly distributed. Colder skin temperatures mean increased physical and mental health benefits. More fat burning, greater anti-inflammatory response, quicker recovery , more mood boosting effects and greater stress reduction.

Safety First

Our cryotherapy unit can reach temperatures of -220 because unlike an electrical unit, our chamber is cooled using liquid nitrogen. However, because our unit uses a proprietary air exchange process that has gone through safety reviews, you are never exposed to nitrogen gas. The chamber is filled with the same air you breathe outside the chamber – it’s just much colder! This proprietary air exchange process is what makes our unit safer than a cryosauna unit.

No Hot Heads

We use a whole body cryotherapy chamber so that your entire body is exposed to the cold temperature – including your head and neck. Cryosaunas are less effective in reducing the thermal response because the head is out of the chamber. A significant percentage of our nerve endings are in the head and neck, which is why we recommend head-in exposure with our whole body cryotherapy unit.

Private Dance Party with a Karaoke Twist

At Upgrade Labs, you’ll have the cryotherapy chamber all to yourself. Enjoy the privacy, and best of all – you’re the DJ. Pick your favorite song – dancing and singing are strongly encouraged.