There’s a complex, but very clear medical story inside of you. Clues in the shape of compounds and biological signaling that give deep insights to how you function and how you can increase performance and productivity.

Imagine if you could only unlock this data to make smarter, more proactive choices about your health and the way you live your life day-to-day.

If you want to become quantifiably healthier, smarter, and happier, you have to start with data.

In this article, you’ll learn how collecting, analyzing, and using your unique biological data to become quantifiably better is turning conventional healthcare on its head.

You can’t start on a journey without first knowing the destination. And it’s your data that offers the roadmap.

Why Collect Personal Data?

Humans are liars, data is not

You are bad at self-reporting objective data. I know you may think you’re good at it, but you’re not. It’s called a response bias or social desirability bias and we’re all guilty of it.[1]

It’s what happens when you try to recall what you’ve eaten in a day. Or exactly what you did yesterday morning. It’s nearly impossible for people to report accurate and objective information, especially when it comes to health data.

This is a problem for a couple of reasons:
1. This kind of bias is rampant in all self-reported epidemiological data – the same studies and reports that inform our healthcare system and create the baseline data sets for blood biomarkers.
2. Having unbiased, objective data about your body and brain will affect the kinds of changes you can make.

This is exactly why we start with your personal data:
1. We don’t compare you to anyone but yourself.
2. We can see totally unbiased upward and downward trends and change your Upgrade Labs Protocol accordingly.

Your data drives your protocol

By collecting personal data and biomarkers, you can tailor your workout and recovery protocols not just for your goals, but for where your biology is on any given day.

That means your workout will change depending on the quality of sleep you got the night before or where you are in your hormonal cycle if you’re a woman.

When your data drives your decision making, you won’t just improve your physical performance and cognitive function, you’ll improve it faster. There’s no guessing game when you’re seeing real-time updates and you can change any protocol based on what’s working and what’s not.

And because everyone has unique needs, goals, and biological data, we never push a brand, product, or paradigm just to make sales. Instead, we have the luxury of only recommending protocols that work for your unique biology.

In this way, data collection holds everyone responsible – the Biohacker Tech and you.

Bottom Line – Data Drives Results. No More Guessing.

Minimum effective dose

Minimum effective dose (MED) is the principle of finding the smallest dose it takes to produce an ideal outcome. Anything less won’t work and anything more is a waste of time, resources, and energy.

When it comes to biological systems, you can apply MED to anything really – from muscle gain to fat loss to diet. You just need to know some data about how your body responds to certain stimuli.

The Cheat Machine at Upgrade Labs is a great example of how MED works. Many of us are familiar with the time and energy it takes to put on muscle fast. The Cheat Machine changes all that with computer-controlled resistance that matches your output on all of your output. That means you get the benefits of hours of lifting in about 15 minutes.

Training and recovery are cut to a fraction of your time and energy. And you get the same results that you’d get spending hours at the gym.

Be Quantifiably ABOVE Average

You know the drill. You join a gym and they take your weight and maybe your BMI before assigning you an expensive trainer. Six months later, maybe you’ve lost a few pounds, but you still don’t have a comprehensive idea of your physical and cognitive health, let alone what’s up on a cellular level.

All of that changes at Upgrade Labs.

At Upgrade Labs, we take a full assessment of entire body, from your bones to your brains, before you even get on a machine. Your data creates your individual Upgrade Labs Programming and guides your entire health journey. No guessing. No wasted time or energy.

Plus, your data is never compared to an average or sick population. From now on, you’re only compared to your own dataset. This is where you tap into your Untold Potential.

What We Measure

Monthly Upgrade Status

As a Member, your personal Biohacker Tech will recommend a set of baseline measurements based on your personal biohacking goals. As your journey continues, we will continue to measure progress and performance against your own personal goals to ensure that the hacks are guiding you in the right direction.

Every Upgrade Labs member gets monthly clinical-grade assessments that include:

Body fat percentage and visceral body fat

We don’t really care how much you weigh. Instead, Upgrade Labs measures and tracks your dry lean mass, body fat mass, visceral fat area, lean body mass, and weight distribution to figure out exactly how to improve strength and body composition according to your goals.

Bone health

Your muscle mass means nothing if your frame can’t hold you up! We measure your skeletal muscle mass along with body mass and distribution so your Upgrade Labs Programming can take skeletal health into account.

Cellular health and overall inflammation

We can get a good idea of your cellular health and overall inflammation with Phase Angle and intracellular water measurements – all done without a blood test!

Your total body water ratio (extracellular/intracellular water) gives your Biohacker Tech insight on possible inflammation levels and unusual fluid distribution. A “normal” fluid distribution falls between .360 and .380.

Phase Angle is an indicator of cell health and integrity. A low phase angle indicates that your cells are having trouble storing energy and a possible breakdown in cell membranes. Not to worry. We have a machine for that.

Upgrade Baseline

Want even more data? Optional gut microbiome and blood tests can help inform custom nutrition plans and offer even more concrete recommendations for movement and recovery.


Viome offers a deep look at your microbiome and offers custom suggestions for your diet and lifestyle based on your unique bacterial blueprint. A simple Viome test can even flag certain illnesses years before you show symptoms or offer custom recommendations to help fight existing disease. You can check out the Viome kit here.


Ixcela is a simple finger prick blood test that helps you to understand your gut microbiome and offer specific ways to improve microbiome diversity and overall health. Based on the results of your test, Ixcela and Upgrade Labs recommend a completely custom program, including a nutrition plan you can implement at home. Check out the kit here or learn more.

Blood biomarkers and IV nutrients

Upgrade Labs offers in-house clinic services that include blood biomarker testing for everything from heart health to hormones. Plus IV nutrient therapy and vitamin shots to boost energy and vitality. Use your results to help inform your Labs Protocol and at-home habits and nutrition.

Not in LA? You don’t have to come to Upgrade Labs to start tracking this stuff. There are plenty of at-home apps and tracking tools you can start using today to start informing your decisions.