The first decades of my professional life were spent starting, selling, and investing in tech companies. The entrepreneurial game, for those of you who’ve tried it, goes hand-in-hand with self-development and even consciousness expansion.

Maybe it starts out with ego – wanting success, money, or even just to create a hefty nest egg for your family. But soon, entrepreneurs are down the rabbit hole of self-worth, personal power, and the quantum physics of creating concepts, structures, and products out of thin air.

As an entrepreneur, I realized that the best of the best are on the scene getting their hands dirty before anyone else. The good ones take risks that others are too scared to conquer. They create innovative systems and communicate their purpose and values in ways that others can’t even wrap their heads around yet.

How do the highest performing, most successful people tap into that sort of energy? Where do they get their ideas and how do they keep up with the demands of the daily grind, plus the constant innovation and deal-making? Not to mention keeping some semblance of peace and joy in their lives?

These are just a few of the things I would think about after I sold my second company and settled into an early retirement a few years ago.

I knew that it was time for type As and high performers like myself to stop with the meaningless productivity hacking and find something more profound. I was also intrigued by the idea of biohacking – taking the biology of aging and performance out of your doctors’ hands and into your own.

I knew the paradigm was shifting, I just needed to figure out where. And by who. That’s what sparked my journey to becoming the CEO of Upgrade Labs.

But it really started with a poker game.

Real poker masters think differently than ordinary people.

What might seem like a silly or, at worst, an addictive and superficial game is actually a delicate battle of strategy, psychology, and philosophy. This dance of prediction and exploitation gets even better the more non-reactive you are.

I play poker regularly, which is a great way to test non-reactivity and overall brain function. It’s also really fun.

But a non-reactive brain state isn’t easy to hold onto in a culture that values high stress and always seems to push you harder.

Meditation helps. And even though I’m a long-time meditator, the tools I was using years ago – mostly guided meditation apps – were at most a pattern interrupt reminding me to relax in the middle of a busy day. There was no way I was getting the measurable cognitive changes I wanted. At least not quickly.

I knew there had to be a more efficient way to get the advantages of meditation over a shorter period.

It was around this time I heard my friend Dave Asprey mention 40 Years of Zen, an intensive neurofeedback program that offers the benefits of a lifetime of meditation in a week.

The technology they offer can literally change the structure of your brain, calming your limbic system to make you measurably less reactive, more peaceful, more productive – even smarter. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

The night after I heard Dave mention the program, I went to my regular poker game. Guess how much I won? The exact amount of money the brain training costs. Not a dollar more or a dollar less. I took that as a sign.

As an aside, this is the sort of synchronicity we see at Labs on a daily basis. If you don’t believe in stuff like that, just come hang out with us for a few weeks.

40 Years of Zen was my gateway drug into the world of biohacking and the philosophy of minimum effective dose.

And for the sake of measurement … in the months following brain training, I didn’t lose one poker game. I was noticeably more patient with family and in business. It wasn’t long after that I started my initial journey with the concept of Upgrade Labs.

Testing the “Fairy Dust” for Myself

I’m going to be straight with you. I know that Dave Asprey is a smart guy. I trust him. And I had an incredible experience with the brain training.

But when I heard the claims of some of the interventions that Labs offers, my inner alarm bells went off. Frankly, most of this stuff sounded like fairy dust to me.

The benefits of a week’s worth of strength training in 15 minutes? Resetting your immune system with three minutes in a cold tube?

I decided to keep testing myself.

With the tools that Dave keeps at his home in Vancouver (the same ones we now have here at Labs), I was able to:
• Double my testosterone levels after two weeks from 468 to 1098 completely naturally.
• Increase my aerobic capacity by 23% in one week.
• Cut my biological age by about 19 years in 8 months by regenerating my telomeres, a DNA marker related to cell function and aging.

It took me about two weeks of testing to sign on with Dave and Bulletproof as an investor and consultant. Today, Upgrade Labs has helped hundreds of people on their road to transformation – body, mind, and self.

We Welcome Skeptics

This is just part of my story.

And just like I was skeptical of the technology we offer here at Labs, I can imagine what you might be thinking.

But these kinds of transformations are pretty typical of the people who walk through our doors on a daily basis.

The 70-year-old women who gained 8 pounds of lean muscle and went from having the bone density of a 90-year-old to that of 50-year-old in less than six months.

The man whose doctors told him he wouldn’t walk for two months after a double knee replacement who was out of his wheelchair within three sessions at Labs.

I’ve tested all of these interventions myself, watching my biological data improve and noticing in awe as business and personal relationships become more natural and more enjoyable.

That’s really what we do at Labs: we encourage everyone who walks in to take an honest assessment of where they are on a biological level and uplevel that data.

That’s when the real magic starts to happen.

It’s that same mindset of the entrepreneur, right? I wanted something new, something entirely outside of the realm of hitting the gym and grudgingly getting some blood work done every year.

On some level, I knew there had to be more efficient options when it comes to physical and mental performance.

But I had no idea it would be like this.

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