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meet the owners

Calgary Meet The owners

Dean is a veteran of the Canadian oil patch who has a passion for growing business as well as living an active fitness and recovery lifestyle. His biohacking journey started when he decided he wanted to “die as young as possible, as late as possible”.

K. Dean Zipse

A proud Calgarian, Janet graduated from Mount Royal University before discovering a career in oil and gas services. She is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys staying active, especially outdoors. Her interest in biohacking started when she learned there are better and more efficient ways to embrace lifelong health and longevity.





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inside upgrade labs

Upgrade Labs is more than just a workout; it’s about people, connection, strength and community.

A question we often hear from new members is whether or not they will be assisted through their workouts on the AI fitness machines. The answer is simple - yes!

Our team of Biohacker Technicians are trained and ready to assist you through your workouts on the AI Cheat Machines and Adaptive Bike so you feel comfortable and empowered to have your strongest workout 💪We have BHTs who are also certified personal trainers, bringing more than 25 years’ experience training downtown professionals to reach their full potential!

Our AI Cheat Machines will give you your most efficient workout and while they may be grandeur in presence, they are easy to use!

Interested in a new health journey? Start with a free Cell Health Analysis. Link in bio!

We love answering questions! Comment yours below ⬇️


One of our frequently asked questions is what our different membership options are.

As part of our grand opening, we have two special membership packages available for the rest of summer that give you plenty of options to meet your wellness goals.

Plus, we still have one day left to claim your Stampede Recovery Package which is a great way to try us out and see what feeling #betterthanbefore is actually like!

Get started on your most scientific health journey TODAY with Upgrade Labs by starting your FREE Cell Health Analysis! 💪

Link in bio!


Tag along with our owner @upgrade_janet for a speedy tour through our lab!

Located on the main floor of Brookfield Place, Upgrade Labs is your solution to feeling your best this summer with our recovery and performance modalities 💪.

If you’ve been looking for a better way to integrate wellness and longevity into your life, look no further than Upgrade Labs!

Click the 🔗 in our bio to see our $75 Stampede Recovery Package and how to get started with your free Cell Health Analysis.


Here at Upgrade Labs, our mission is to make sure you feel #BetterThanBefore. This means that no matter what your goal is, we’re going to help you achieve it.

Whether you’re looking to increase your physical strength or mental health, we’re going to be with you every step of the way.

It’s never been easier to get stronger in every way that counts!

1️⃣Step 1: Get started with your FREE Cell Health Analysis to see where you’re starting from.
2️⃣Step 2: Begin your journey with our performance and recovery machines.
3️⃣Step 3: Live your life to the fullest by reaching your max potential!

🅿️ For the weekend warriors, we’re open Saturdays 9-3pm and our building offers $2 underground parking, making it super easy to access us without the hassle of downtown parking logistics.

🔗 Link in bio to book your appointment today!


Summer is finally here, which means our city is gearing up to host the best parties of the year — Canada Day Long Weekend & Calgary Stampede!

To celebrate and ensure everyone gets in the summer spirit, please note the following changes to our hours for the following two weekends.

Stay tuned for promotional packages we’ll be offering to help keep you feeling fresh, fit, and recovered all summer long!


Why wait to change your life? Follow our two EASY steps to get started on changing your life! 

1️⃣ Connect with us today to book your FREE cell health analysis and gain a baseline measurement of your health and a way to track your progress. 

2️⃣ Lock in your grand opening membership to improve your strength and focus on the right kind of recovery! 💪

Check out the 🔗 in our bio for more info!

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How often do you find yourself managing your fitness success by the number you see on the scale?

Instead of using this outdated tool, measure what matters most by experiencing a free Cell Health Analysis and receive a real-time data report on your important biomarkers and what they mean to you!

⏰ Your scan is completed within minutes and an analysis will print out with a breakdown of key measurements like muscle mass, water, bodyfat, and more.

🧠 Use this information to consider your overall health and how this can help you better set and measure fitness goals.

💪 Stay to tour our lab and learn how our modalities can help you achieve those successes quicker and smarter.

What’s holding you back?

Reach your fitness goals with a free Cell Health Analysis - 🔗 in bio!

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Happy Father`s Day to all the amazing dads out there! Today, we celebrate your strength and dedication.

Take this day to relax, recharge, and remember to take care of yourself too.

Here`s to strong dads, healthy dads, and dads who inspire us every day! 💪

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Calgary, with the current water advisory, let’s skip the ice baths & try cryotherapy instead! 💧❄️

Get all the cool benefits without the splash and help keep our water reserves intact.

Ready to freeze the day in a more sustainable way?

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Unlock the power of upgrade workouts with the AI Cheat Machine & AI Adaptive Bike!

➡️ AI Adaptive Bike: Get the perfect workout every time with this short, effective alternative to a regular spin class using reduced exertion high-intensity interval training (REHIT).

➡️ AI Cheat Machine: By focusing on both the concentric and eccentric muscle contractions, this machine delivers a personalized, time-efficient workout tailored just for you every single time.

Get started with a free cell health analysis and learn how to upgrade your wellness using AI-strength training & time-efficient cardio with this cutting-edge technology. 🔗 in bio!

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We were so excited & honoured to be part of the 60th @calgarymarathon this past weekend as both an expo vendor & @stronglikesloane team supporter! 

Our marathon weekend included introducing Upgrade Labs to expo attendees at bib pickup, witnessing @andre_belibi break the ice bath record at a whopping +4:05 HOURS, cheering on @upgradejanet during her 10km for Team Sloane, and of course, treating tired & sore legs at the lab on Sunday with post-race Big Squeeze, Cryo, and Red Charger recovery for marathoners!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this sold-out event! 

As a thank you, we’re offering you a free recovery session until June 15, just DM us for the offer code to reference at your appointment.

#60yearsofrunning #calgarymarathon #servuscalgarymarathon #runyyc 



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Top 5 reasons you should choose Upgrade Labs:

💻 Cutting-edge Tech

⌚ Time Efficiency

🤝 Personalized Approach

🧬 Holistic Wellness

✅ Proven Results

Interested? Head to the link in our bio to book an appointment!

#UpgradeLabsYYC #TransformYourself #YYCfit

🚨 Head`s up! We are closed tomorrow (Monday) for the long weekend. ...

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