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Will we be able to shave
10 strokes off your game instantly?

Absolutely not. We aren’t miracle workers. But side effects are looking, feeling, and thinking better on the course.


Give yourself the advantage with state-of-the-art recovery technology and AI-powered strength training used by current pros and proprietary neurofeedback.


We are Upgrade Labs and you’re just a few keystrokes away from becoming the best version of yourself on and off the course.

Train, Recover, And Think Like A Pro

Coeur d'Alene's newest fitness and wellness studio is opening May 2024!

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Upgrade your golf game today.

Let's dig a little deeper

AI Cheat Machine

Improve your strength and mobility with the AI Cheat Machine. Golf programming designed by and used by the pros gets you optimized to take your best swings on the course in less than 20 minutes 3 days a week. The AI Cheat Machine is a training system that provides the most intelligent and effective workout system for safely improving your performance. Real-time feedback and deep learning analysis provide a personalized, guided path to reach your golf fitness goals.

Full Body Cryotherapy

Our bodies and brains can take a beating out on the course. For quick and effective physical recovery, full-body Cryotherapy stimulates the body’s biological response to extreme cold, aiding in cell repair for post-workout or injury recovery. Plus, if you struggle with sleep or aim to enhance your sleep quality. In under 4 minutes, you’ll feel the benefit of extreme cold therapy, no tub or ice needed.

The Red Charger

Aiming to promote healing in damaged cells for both your skin and body, the Red Charger™’s specific wavelengths of light, including visible and infrared light, empower cells to undergo a rejuvenating process. Our Red Charger adds in quantum frequencies to heal and repair tissues, organs and systems deep within the body so we can continue to feel our best on the tee box. Heal your skin from those days out on the course and you may even drop a few lbs as well making you the sexiest golfer you have ever been.


Every golf game could use a little electricity. PEMF utilizes high intensity pulse electromagnetic therapy to recharge our cells down to the mitochondria level. PEMF accelerates recovery, enhances circulation and immune function by recharging your cells to have more energy throughout the round. Feel more energised, think clearer, and have little pain after all those swings.


Need more focus on draining that putt or forgetting about that major slice into the houses on the right. Brain Upgrade uses EEG technology to improve Focused Self-Regulation. Focus and mental clarity, The Brain Upgrade: Neurofeedback™ provides immediate feedback on brainwave patterns, fostering skills in self-regulation that contribute to enhancements in concentration. Side effect: you’ll enjoy your rounds more with a clear mind.

Well, There You Have It!

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