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Offering the best red light therapy in Utah

The power of our red light therapy beds are double that of anywhere else in Utah. Upgrade Labs in Riverton now has 2 ARRC LED red light therapy beds that anyone in Utah can access. Medical-grade equipment, without the medical-grade cost. No other red light compares – come experience the difference.

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The benefits of red light therapy will vary depending on what type of red light bed or red light panels you are using. In general, the research on red light therapy points to the following primary health benefits:

That’s just the beginning of what the red light therapy at Upgrade Labs can provide. Using our ARRC LED beds is vastly different from standing in front of the red light panels you find in some gyms, spas, and cosmetic recovery clinics. The best red light therapy in Salt Lake boasts these unique elements:

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This is what the best red light therapy offers

The Red Charger™ at Upgrade Labs in Riverton Utah offer a wide array of custom programs. This is not your average red light therapy. Specific programs can be used to imprint healthy codes right into your cells. This means, whatever your body is stressed with, we can address very specifically with a blend of red light, near infrared light, and green light. 

The additional red light therapy protocols (specialty therapy programs) that we offer include specific cellular support for: 

The general tune up program is an innovative blend of all three light options, as well as tuned frequency, to give your body a full detoxification treatment designed to release stored toxins and support better cellular turnover for general wellbeing. The recommended protocol for using our medical-grade red light therapy is to begin with 3 sessions in the general tune up program, and then try the other programs that best fit what your body needs.

The Red Charger™ uses proprietary resonant frequency protocols that are designed to augment Photobiomodulation therapy (PBMt) benefits with more specific frequency support for tissues and organs based on RIFE, PEMF, TENS, Quantum, and Homeopathic frequencies.

Our Red Charger™ doesn’t just treat; it tunes your body’s cells like musical instruments, using light frequencies to restore each cell’s natural harmony. This “tuning” promotes efficient body function and wellness, reminiscent of correcting imbalances with precise sound frequencies.

The technology inside of a Red Charger™ actually targets and disintegrates pathogens without harming healthy cells, akin to breaking glass with the perfect pitch. This specificity in destroying illness-causing cells showcases the Red Charger™ and its innovative approach to health.


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We want to see our members live healthier, longer! Our team is dedicated to improving one’s longevity and health-span, without having to spend hours every day to achieve wellness goals. Our technology focuses on:

Result Tracking with Cell Health Analysis

The Cell Health Analysis uses electrical sonar to measure and track key measurements of your physical health. It is important to learn what is happening on the inside so we can get a baseline for future changes. We take pride in your progress and we want you to see how our Upgrade services are helping you reach your goals. Our members have unlimited access to scans, which allows regular monthly tracking of muscle mass, bodyfat, visceral fat, water, and systemic cellular health.


Having a regular workout routine is important to increasing and maintaining your muscle mass and bone density: two things the body relies on to stay healthy as we physically age. Our Performance based services have been proven to advance the process of sports performance through adaptive technology and software (biohacking). These machines accelerate the time it generally takes for cardio, weightlifting and oxygen training to adapt through your body, creating a day/weeks’ worth of training in a fraction of the time. These workouts are optimized to increase your muscle mass and bone density, in a minimum amount of time invested. We want to see you live healthier, longer– and without giving up all your time to do so!


The “Silent Killer” in the US is inflammation: it slows down our body’s recovery time for injuries, illnesses, and even being sore from a workout. The reason we use ice on injuries or ibuprofen for a headache is to reduce inflammation in the body and allow your immune system to heal. Our Recovery services can help you with reducing your body’s inflammation so you can recover faster. These FDA approved services provide your body with detoxification, excess water removal, immune system strengthening, efficient energy production and much much more. Whether you are recovering from surgery, want to improve recovery time after a workout, or are interested in preventative health, our services can lead to an Upgraded version of you and your body’s health-span.

Frequently asked questions

Upgrade Labs® is the world’s first Human Upgrade™ Center. We offer recovery, performance, and cognitive technologies to help your body function better and more efficiently. 

Biohacking is the art and science of changing the environment around and inside of you, so you have more control over your own biology. 

We are a Human Upgrade™ Center, some of our technologies can replace your gym sessions while some may enhance recovery, ease pain, boost immunity, etc. Our goal is to give you your time back, and help improve all aspects of your life inside and outside of Upgrade Labs®: energy, sleep, immunity, etc. 

Prices vary, membership are available and include a tailored selection of services. Additionally, guests can come in and purchase individual sessions or packages. 

Our “Intro Offer” is the best place to start, we will show you around our center and explain our technologies and their benefits. During the intro offer, you will have the opportunity to try some of our services. In order to service you best, we will gather more information about your health and wellness goals. From there, we will make recommendations on what tech would help you best achieve your goals. 

Pre-booking is highly encouraged. We have various technologies, and we like to ensure our members and clients can book their desired technologies that are aligned with their health and wellness goals. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. On your first day we will walk you through, give you a free Cell Health Analysis, and give you an introduction to how our services can help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Here is a link to book your first session on us. 

Typically, our tour and free Cell Health Analysis lasts about 1 hour. During this time you will walk through the following process:

  1. Personalized Assessment: One of our wellness coaches will walk you through your first visit. We always start by understanding your fitness goals, needs, and preferences. Your input will guide our recommendations.
  2. Your Health Cell Analysis: To get a baseline for each individual’s health, we provide a Cell Health Analysis. It uses electrical sonar to measure and track key measurements of your physical health, like muscle mass, water, bodyfat, and more. We want to learn what is happening on the inside so we can see monthly changes and improvements through time. You will get to keep the full cell health analysis, whether or not you decide to keep working with Upgrade Labs!
  3. Facility Tour: Depending on the availability at your chosen location, you will have the chance to try relevant services and technologies and get a tour of the facility. This hands-on experience helps you discover what works best for you.
  4. Setting Goals & Personalized Program: We work with you to set clear and achievable wellness goals through a program personalized for you. We recognize that these goals may change or develop as you progress on your journey! Our members are shocked at how quickly they start reaching and surpassing their goals. We will give you a personal blueprint to longevity, recovery, and cognitive health. 

We recommend wearing comfortable and/or athletic clothing, but you’re welcome to wear anything you like!

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