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Find Relief for your Back Pain at Upgrade Labs Meridian

Experience the newest technology in back pain relief with Upgrade Labs’ innovative recovery therapies. Our suite of cutting-edge technologies, including the Big Squeeze™, Red Charger™, PEMF, and Cryotherapy delivers targeted relief for your back pain, offering a path to comfort and wellness. Read more to find out how our technologies can transform your well-being and be the first to experience these services at our new location in Meridian, Idaho by signing up for the Trailblazer Membership today.

Upgrade Labs Recovery Technologies for Back Pain

The following are our specialized recovery technologies we recommend for guests wanting to target and alleviate their back pain. By addressing the root causes of discomfort, these treatments can not only alleviate back pain but also promote and boost overall well-being. Whether your back pain is injury-related or chronic, our technologies can offer targeted relief and support. Explore how our innovative solutions can help you achieve lasting comfort and enhance your overall quality of life.

Big Squeeze™

The Big Squeeze™ applies 360-degree compression to gently massage the lymphatic system, guiding extracellular water, bacteria, and toxins towards the thoracic duct. This process ensures the proper removal of unwanted materials, maintaining the optimal functioning of the immune system. By initiating lymph node drainage and establishing a pathway for optimal circulation, the Big Squeeze™ promotes overall wellness through advanced lymphatic system care. This innovative technology adheres to proven principles of manual lymphatic massage and is FDA-approved, providing relief from back pain associated with lymphatic congestion or inflammation.

Red Charger™

The Red Charger™ utilizes red light therapy to stimulate cellular repair and enhance overall health. This innovative therapy penetrates deep into tissues, stimulating cellular repair and reducing inflammation in the affected area. By promoting the production of ATP in mitochondria, the body’s energy currency, red light therapy enhances cellular function and accelerates the healing process. Additionally, red light therapy induces hormesis, a process that strengthens the body’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant defenses, further alleviating pain and discomfort associated with back injuries or chronic conditions. The result is improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and enhanced tissue repair, providing effective targeted relief for back pain and promoting overall well-being.


PEMF therapy acts as a ‘jump start’ for cells, bringing them back to their proper voltage range and enabling the body to function more efficiently. By enhancing cellular voltage, PEMF therapy supports optimal bodily function, accelerates recovery, enhances circulation and immune function, aids bone regrowth, and more. This technology supports the body in naturally enhancing balanced bodily function, contributing to sustained overall wellness and alleviating back pain associated with cellular dysfunction.


Cryotherapy exposes the body to cold temperatures, triggering profound biological responses. This process stimulates blood flow to the core, safeguarding organs and the brain. Upon reheating, fresh oxygenated blood floods the tissues, releasing endorphins and norepinephrine, natural pain suppressants. The increased effort to maintain body warmth elevates metabolic rate and activates the immune system to safeguard against internal threats. Beyond physical benefits, cryotherapy induces the release of endorphins and norepinephrine in the brain, providing natural pain suppression and contributing to an elevated mood. Additionally, the heightened endorphin release prompts excess melatonin production, leading to improved sleep quality. Cryotherapy’s technology offers a myriad of benefits, extending its impact well beyond just pain relief.

Where Do I Get Started?

Unlock a world of advanced recovery technology with a membership at Upgrade Labs Meridian. By becoming a member today, you’ll access a suite of specialized wellness tools that promise to transform your approach to health. Act now to start your journey to peak wellness now and join a community dedicated to optimal health and performance!

What You Get With Your Upgrade Labs  Membership:

  1.  Flexible Wellness Plan: Chose from memberships ranging from 8 to 36 services per month to perfectly fit for your lifestyle and wellness goals.
  2. All-inclusive Membership: Full, unrestricted access to every piece of cutting-edge technology at Upgrade Labs Meridian – explore and use your credit across all available services
  3. Bring a Partner: Easily add a friend or family member to your plan to join you on your wellness journey for just $30 per person.
  4. Free Cell Health Analysis: Access to use our advanced cell health analysis services at any time free of cost.
  5. Members Only Discounts: 10% discount on high quality merchandise.
  6. No Long-Term Commitment: Experience premium wellness services without the binding contract with our flexible, month-to-month membership

Member Testimonials

"My favorite place to work! It’s incredible to be a part of our members journey and see their transformations. Hailey & Becky are fantastic owners who truly are passionate about biohacking, the health/fitness community of Meridian, and take great care of their employees. This is the place to be!"
— Kalani
"Upgrade Labs provided the best experience I've ever had in the realm of longevity biohacking. The latest tech, great atmosphere, phenomenal advice and care from their well trained technicians...Upgrade Labs Meridian is the best! I will definitely be back for more."
— Kevin
"What an amazing place, an actual human lab! I had an exhausting work out on the cheat machine (7min) and then a 3:30 Cryo session. In all I was there less than 30min (which included a bulletproof coffee) thanks Upgrade Labs!"
— Dean
"Upgrade Labs is such an amazing place!! I can’t believe how much time I save now on my workouts and recovery. And Hailey and Becky and the team are so helpful 😃😃😃"
— Natalie
"Just what I need to improve my recovery. I love the light bed & could lay in big squeeze for hours if they let me! For reference I drop around 3-5lbs water weight each time I use it & I feel a mental clarity benefit afterward too. It's a must try!"
— Noell

Frequently asked questions

Upgrade Labs® is the world’s first Human Upgrade™ Center. We offer recovery, performance, and cognitive technologies to help your body function better and more efficiently. 

Biohacking is the art and science of changing the environment around and inside of you, so you have more control over your own biology. 

We are a Human Upgrade™ Center, some of our technologies can replace your gym sessions while some may enhance recovery, ease pain, boost immunity, etc. Our goal is to give you your time back, and help improve all aspects of your life inside and outside of Upgrade Labs®: energy, sleep, immunity, etc. 

At Upgrade Labs Meridian, we offer a range of membership options to fit different needs and budgets. Our memberships are priced between $159 and $259 per month, depending on the number of services included. Members can choose from plans that offer 8. 12. 24. and 36 service a month. 

Discovering the best technology for your needs begins with a complimentary cell health analysis, providing insight into your wellness journey. This analysis establishes a baseline for your health, guiding our recommendations for services tailored to you. With our Trailblazer Membership, you’ll have free access to Upgrade Lab’s cell health analysis technology at any given time, ensuring your ongoing wellness journey is continually informed and optimized.

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