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Secure your membership at Upgrade Labs Meridian and tap into an incredible array of benefits. For only $259, you receive 36 service credits valued at $1600, alongside exclusive merchandise discounts and free access to our advanced cell health analysis. Upgrade Labs Meridian Memberships are the ticket to unlocking the full potential of your health and performance. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – sign up now and begin experience the exclusive perks of being a member at Upgrade Labs Meridian.

What you get With Your Upgrade labs Membership

  1.  Flexible Wellness Plan: Chose from memberships ranging from 8 to 36 services per month to perfectly fit for your lifestyle and wellness goals.
  2. All-inclusive Membership: Full, unrestricted access to every piece of cutting-edge technology at Upgrade Labs Meridian – explore and use your credit across all available services
  3. Bring a Partner: Easily add a friend or family member to your plan to join you on your wellness journey for just $30 per person.
  4. Free Cell Health Analysis: Access to use our advanced cell health analysis services at any time free of cost.
  5. Members Only Discounts: 10% discount on high quality merchandise.
  6. No Long-Term Commitment: Experience premium wellness services without the binding contract with our flexible, month-to-month membership

Member Testimonials

"My favorite place to work! It’s incredible to be a part of our members journey and see their transformations. Hailey & Becky are fantastic owners who truly are passionate about biohacking, the health/fitness community of Meridian, and take great care of their employees. This is the place to be!"
— Kalani
"Upgrade Labs provided the best experience I've ever had in the realm of longevity biohacking. The latest tech, great atmosphere, phenomenal advice and care from their well trained technicians...Upgrade Labs Meridian is the best! I will definitely be back for more."
— Kevin
"What an amazing place, an actual human lab! I had an exhausting work out on the cheat machine (7min) and then a 3:30 Cryo session. In all I was there less than 30min (which included a bulletproof coffee) thanks Upgrade Labs!"
— Dean
"Upgrade Labs is such an amazing place!! I can’t believe how much time I save now on my workouts and recovery. And Hailey and Becky and the team are so helpful 😃😃😃"
— Natalie
"Just what I need to improve my recovery. I love the light bed & could lay in big squeeze for hours if they let me! For reference I drop around 3-5lbs water weight each time I use it & I feel a mental clarity benefit afterward too. It's a must try!"
— Noell


We want to see our members live healthier, longer! Our team is dedicated to improving one’s longevity and health-span, without having to spend hours every day to achieve wellness goals. Our technology focuses on:

Result Tracking with Cell Health Analysis

The Cell Health Analysis uses electrical sonar to measure and track key measurements of your physical health. It is important to learn what is happening on the inside so we can get a baseline for future changes. We take pride in your progress and we want you to see how our Upgrade services are helping you reach your goals. Our members have unlimited access to scans, which allows regular monthly tracking of muscle mass, bodyfat, visceral fat, water, and systemic cellular health.


Having a regular workout routine is important to increasing and maintaining your muscle mass and bone density: two things the body relies on to stay healthy as we physically age. Our Performance based services have been proven to advance the process of sports performance through adaptive technology and software (biohacking). These machines accelerate the time it generally takes for cardio, weightlifting and oxygen training to adapt through your body, creating a day/weeks’ worth of training in a fraction of the time. These workouts are optimized to increase your muscle mass and bone density, in a minimum amount of time invested. We want to see you live healthier, longer– and without giving up all your time to do so!


The “Silent Killer” in the US is inflammation: it slows down our body’s recovery time for injuries, illnesses, and even being sore from a workout. The reason we use ice on injuries or ibuprofen for a headache is to reduce inflammation in the body and allow your immune system to heal. Our Recovery services can help you with reducing your body’s inflammation so you can recover faster. These FDA approved services provide your body with detoxification, excess water removal, immune system strengthening, efficient energy production and much much more. Whether you are recovering from surgery, want to improve recovery time after a workout, or are interested in preventative health, our services can lead to an Upgraded version of you and your body’s health-span.

Frequently asked questions

Upgrade Labs® is the world’s first Human Upgrade™ Center. We offer recovery, performance, and cognitive technologies to help your body function better and more efficiently. 

Biohacking is the art and science of changing the environment around and inside of you, so you have more control over your own biology. 

We are a Human Upgrade™ Center, some of our technologies can replace your gym sessions while some may enhance recovery, ease pain, boost immunity, etc. Our goal is to give you your time back, and help improve all aspects of your life inside and outside of Upgrade Labs®: energy, sleep, immunity, etc. 

At Upgrade Labs Meridian, we offer a range of membership options to fit different needs and budgets. Our memberships are priced between $159 and $259 per month, depending on the number of services included. Members can choose from plans that offer 8. 12. 24. and 36 service a month. 

Discovering the best technology for your needs begins with a complimentary cell health analysis, providing insight into your wellness journey. This analysis establishes a baseline for your health, guiding our recommendations for services tailored to you. With our Trailblazer Membership, you’ll have free access to Upgrade Lab’s cell health analysis technology at any given time, ensuring your ongoing wellness journey is continually informed and optimized.

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