Riverton, UT

A biohacking center with the most advanced health and wellness tools to help you feel your best.

We have the cutting-edge technology to meet your personalized health goals. Our innovative health therapies have been proven to be more effective in relieving pain, helping with injury recovery, and overall increased health, vitality, and longevity. To begin working with our team, we invite you to schedule an initial visit.

Riverton has the health technology to support your best life.

Inspired by a visionary approach to health and longevity, our facility transcends traditional health and wellness centers. We employ the biohacking technologies that our founder Dave Asprey has rigorously tested and proven to be most effective in creating the health improvements we all need to live better, and live longer.

Discover a comprehensive range of groundbreaking self-improvement technologies tailored to optimize your physical and mental wellbeing. Explore all ten of our innovative services available in the Riverton location of Upgrade Labs:

  • full body scan technology
  • AI-powered cardio spin bikes
  • AI-driven weight training equipment
  • whole-body vibration technology
  • cold therapy using whole-body cryotherapy
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF)
  • lymphatic drainage and compression massage
  • hypoxic oxygen training
  • advanced red light technology and light therapy
  • neurofeedback and alpha brain training

To understand our health tech, take a deeper look at them all.

Riverton, UT
4594 W Partridge Hill Lane
Suite B-170
Riverton, UT 84096

Monday-Friday : 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Saturday : 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sunday : 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Get in Touch

Come see us - You’ll learn so much just for visiting.

Inside our center we offer adaptive technology to transform your approach to health. We take time to understand your goals, obstacles, and schedule. Then we help you start biohacking!

We offer no-pressure tours to anyone interested in learning about the unique services and technology that we offer. During your tour, we also provide you with a complementary full body scan to help you understand your cellular health now, as well as how our center can be used to improve your health.

Everyone uses Upgrade Labs a little differently – that’s the beauty of a Human Upgrade Center™:

  • Our variety of services allow you to experiment continuously. We revel in helping people achieve more.
  • You are in control. Use all of our technology, or choose to focus on just a few health services.
  • We collaborate with each other. Continual feedback, using data and anecdotal insights, helps us optimize your plan so that you are always improving. 

Our center supports strength and endurance conditioning with the latest proven equipment. Our services support stress reduction, weight loss, and brain health. We are not a gym – we are a longevity center! If you want to live your best life, and have the most advanced health technology as your toolkit, look no further than Upgrade Labs.

Nothing else in Salt Lake compares to our medical-grade equipment and our highly-trained staff. Let’s talk about your health goals.

Member Testimonials

"I absolutely LOVE this place! I am trying to get back to normal after a knee reconstruction. The various treatments have helped more than just my knee - whole body healing! I sleep better, I hurt less, and my mood is improved when I do regular treatments. I have recommended this place to everyone I know. Try this new approach to improving your body and mind. You will not be sorry!"
— Amanda T
"This has been a pleasant surprise at how much I'm loving the workouts and recovery days. I was a little skeptical because it's not the usual hours of working out. Instead the workouts are short and intense and I'm seeing great results. The most significant being my sleep. I've never really focused on the recovery part of my workout but it has made a huge difference in the way I feel and my energy level. Everyone that works there is kind and helpful. I love it!"
— Roxanne Wilson
"Fav way to start my morning! Amazing workout and recovery equipment that you won't find anywhere else. And the best part are the people there. 2nd fam feeling."
— Angela Cardner
"Traveling through SLC and stopped in for a visit. I'm not sure if this is a spa, or a wellness center, a fitness facility, or what this is... All I know is there is nothing quite else like it, so calling it a Human Upgrade Center pretty much says it all. All of the equipment is new and star of the art, the facility is first class, and the technicians are super helpful and know what they are doing. I'll be back."
— Kevin D
"I have loved my experience at Upgrade Labs! Staff is friendly and helpful, and the services have helped me sleep better and recover faster. Highly recommend!"
— Kaitlyn Faraone
"Nothing better than a cryotherapy chamber session to get you going in the morning before a workout on the Cheat Machine or AI Bike. Top it off with PEMF or a Big Squeeze session, or hit the Red Charger. This is the best daily routine I've heard in a long time."
— Michael Sprague
"I feel so lucky to have a place like this here in the Salt Lake area! I have been a follower of biohacking for awhile and always wanted to try our the different therapies and machines. From the very first time I got into cryo and red light I felt the difference! My mood immediately got better from red light and cryotherapy always increases my energy and reduces pain. Nothing else I've tried has made a difference in my health like this has."
— Andrea Sprague
"I honestly loved this place, it was so unique! I've never been somewhere where such great tech designed to enhance your health in the most efficient way possible. My personal favorite is the cryotherapy, I would have done it twice if I could! So insightful and fun!"
— Brett Ashton
"The owners are wonderful people. I really love that they take the time to walk you through the entire facility and explain every machine and service in a way that makes sense. You always leave feeling empowered and important. Highly recommend this place if you're looking to enhance your overall well-being in a warm, safe, and welcoming space."
— Imago Medical
"This place is amazing! I am working on resetting my body from chemo and radiation and Upgrade Labs has been so healing for me. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly suggest trying them out!"
— Gretchen Polhemus
"This place has all the performance, recovery, and anti-aging things I want. Their red light options are the best. And I'm growing to love the AI resistance in their performance machines. If you're into optimizing your health, Upgrade Labs has so many great therapies to help you blow past your goals. Love the way I feel when I leave - my mood, energy, and body vibes are all dramatically improved."
— Carrie Haney
"I feel great after every time I come here, which is at least 3 times a week, doing a workout or recovery. I have reduced my fat and have gained muscle. Also, the staff is great!"
— Stone Ewing
"My favorite part of the day is going to Upgrade Labs for some self care. They have so many different technologies to try that either help you recover or give you a better workout. The staff is all so friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to biohacking and how these technologies can improve your overall well being. I had low energy, back pain, knee pain, and Raynaud's syndrome and they helped me tackle all of these problems. I would leave every time feeling so much better than when I walked in. I can't recommend this place enough - sign up for a membership asap!"
— Stephanie Nelb
"By far the best wellness center in Utah. Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff is always there and ready to help you on whatever your journey is - fitness or recovery, they've got you covered. Cryotherapy, lymphatic drainage, red light healing. This is the place to go. Price is extraordinary for the benefit you receive."
— Katrina Nye
"We've had an exceptional experience at Upgrade Labs. The layout and design is clean and streamlined. All the equipment they use has improved our physical performance at work. I'm strong and have more energy. We walk out of there feeling like a million bucks with NO back pain! I researched all their equipment and it's the real deal... everything works for results you can feel. The team they hired couldn't be more qualified. I've spoken to each individual and they all have a genuine passion for health and recovery, which is refreshing."
— Eagle Mountain Home Maintenance
"Recovery, fitness, overall health and wellness - Upgrade Las is a place to go. Very knowledgeable and amazing staff is always willing to help, listen, and discover with you what you journey is and help you achieve those goals. The technology is incredible. Haven't felt this good in years."
— Kathea Richye
"I wasn't quite sure what to expect... it certainly isn't like any 'gym' I've been to before. But the results have been amazing! I see so many positive changes in my body...my energy levels are up, inflammation is down, I sleep extremely well, and now I see muscles that haven't been visible in years. I highly recommend this place if you want to make some profound shifts in your health."
— Regan Glover
"If you are interested in biohacking to create a better version of yourself, this should be your second home! Amazingly competent team help you to figure out how to increase your physical and mental health. From cryotherapy to oxygen training, this place is impressive."
— Trey
"We were visiting SLC for the winter and became members at Upgrade Labs. It was great for recovery as well as overall improvement. The staff and owners were all great people and very knowledgeable."
— Devon

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We’re looking for someone who has flexible work hours (20-26 hours a week) and can work mornings, evenings, and weekends. Please email resume to riverton@center.upgradelabs.com ...

This amazing Photobiomodulation bed by ARRC LED is one of a kind that is trusted by United States Military, NFL pro teams, and many other. Come into Upgrade Labs Riverton to experience what the Red Charger has to offer.

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We apologize for the latest inconvenience from our App. We recently just moved to a new App this weekend called UpgradeLabs-US. We’re in the process of making more improvements that will help you on your Biohacking Journey. Please call us at the center with any questions or problems. 801-336-1515 ...

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Upgrade Labs Riverton wants to thank all our Members who have trusted us on their Health and Fitness journey. ...

Today, we remember and honor the brave souls who gave everything for our freedom.

Let’s cherish our liberty and hold their memories close.

How are you commemorating this Memorial Day?

Curious how?

It’s all about the power of adaptive resistance.

By automatically adjusting to match your force output at each point of exercise, The Cheat Machine ensures your muscles are under optimal tension throughout the entire movement.

This full engagement maximizes muscle breakdown and rebuilds stronger than ever, all within a condensed timeframe.

How efficient can a 15-minute workout really be?

Comment `Cheat Machine` and we`ll send you exclusive details on how you can give this a try and see how it challenge your perceptions of effective exercise.

New Cheat Machine Coming Soon!

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Biohacking Through History:

Did you know? Biohacking isn’t new.

Here’s a throwback to ancient biohacking techniques.

Which historical hack blows your mind? 🏺 #BiohackingHistory

We`re curious, how has biohacking transformed your health and wellness journey? Let us know! 🌱✨. Thank you @_nonprophet_ and @gritandteeth for your support! ...

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Upgrade Labs Riverton

Meet the Owners

After finding retirement unfulfilling, Deb began a new adventure focused on learning, lifestyle, wellness, peak performance, nutrition and changing (biohacking). She most looks forward to being evolved with a likeminded community, helping and teaching others.
JD is passionate about improving his quality of life through innovative methods, techniques, and products and sharing that knowledge with his community.
Niki is excited to be here! With over 20 years of healthcare experience, she is passionate about bringing alternative options to traditional health services in her community. Niki has a degree in Healthcare Management. Niki also loves the outdoors and spending time with her family.
Racheal is passionate about improving her and her family’s health through nutrition, movement and connection and is enthusiastic about sharing it with others. She has Master’s degree from the University of Utah.
Tom has been passionate about a healthier lifestyle ever since his wife and two kids were diagnosed with an Auto immune disease. Thanks to Biohacking their life has never been healthier.

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Experience the future of wellness with our Free Cell Health Analysis ($50 value) and receive a Free Service ($55 value) at the end of your tour at Upgrade Labs. Discover how our Technologies can help you achieve your wellness goals through a personalized plan. Plus, get a taste of our cutting-edge offerings.

Schedule your Free Cell Health Analysis and learn which technologies will help you reach your goals.