Riverton, UT

A biohacking center with the most advanced health and wellness tools to help you feel your best.

We have the cutting-edge technology to meet your personalized health goals. Our innovative health therapies have been proven to be more effective in relieving pain, helping with injury recovery, and overall increased health, vitality, and longevity. To begin working with our team, we invite you to schedule an initial visit.

Riverton has the health technology to support your best life.

Inspired by a visionary approach to health and longevity, our facility transcends traditional health and wellness centers. We employ the biohacking technologies that our founder Dave Asprey has rigorously tested and proven to be most effective in creating the health improvements we all need to live better, and live longer.

Discover a comprehensive range of groundbreaking self-improvement technologies tailored to optimize your physical and mental wellbeing. Explore all ten of our innovative services available in the Riverton location of Upgrade Labs:

  • full body scan technology
  • AI-powered cardio spin bikes
  • AI-driven weight training equipment
  • whole-body vibration technology
  • cold therapy using whole-body cryotherapy
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF)
  • lymphatic drainage and compression massage
  • hypoxic oxygen training
  • advanced red light technology and light therapy
  • neurofeedback and alpha brain training

To understand our health tech, take a deeper look at them all.

Riverton, UT
4594 W Partridge Hill Lane
Suite B-170
Riverton, UT 84096

Monday-Friday : 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Saturday : 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sunday : 10:00 AM – 4:00 AM

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Don't Know Where To Start? We've Got You Covered.

One of our wellness coaches will walk you through your first visit. We always start by understanding your fitness goals, needs, and preferences. Your input will guide our recommendations.

Experience the future of wellness with our Free Cell Health Analysis ($50 value) and receive a Free Service ($55 value) at the end of your tour at Upgrade Labs. Discover how our Technologies can help you achieve your wellness goals through a personalized plan. Plus, get a taste of our cutting-edge offerings.

Schedule your Free Cell Health Analysis and learn which technologies will help you reach your goals.



Weight Loss

Reduce Stress


Brain Function

Member Testimonials

"This place is truly a health and wellness paradise! I really appreciate that recovery and mental fitness are as valued as getting a more serious workout. Best deal on cryotherapy to top it all off. 🙂 "
— Taylor S.
"I had a cryotherapy treatment and was very happy with the experience. Chris explained the process to me and stayed with me the whole time I was in the chamber. I look forward to having more treatments there!"
— Christine S.
"They have all sorts of amazing new technology to help with everything from sleep to weight loss to bone density. They also have a cryotherapy machine that drops down to -260 which has been great for my inflammation."
— Elizabeth D.
"Excellent and knowledgeable staff. Great service and super cool environment. "
— Kosta T.
"Awesome equipment and friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. "
— Ryan Victor
"This place is changing the fitness, athletic performance and recovery game! I especially love the REDcharger. The biohacking technology cutting edge and the beach town location made this spot a win in my book. "
— Kristin W.
"The PEMF was relaxing and rejuvenating for me as I was having some lower back pain prior to being on the mat. This place has everything you need. I always leave feeling pumped. "
— Marissa P.
"I love Upgrade labs, I use them to treat my disability that has no approved care or treatment. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and red light therapy have greatly improved my severe constant chronic pain."
— Live well with EDS
"I LOVE this place. Been coming here for only a month but every time I walk out of there, I’m happier, my mood is better and my body feels great!My fav is the PEMF bed... I give it 5 stars 💫 "
— Ladi A.
"This place is awesome and my wife bought the book and dropped 18 pounds in about two months."
— Taylor James H
"Hidden Gem (Gym). A great place with a wonderful staff. Bulletproof has a lot of cutting edge physical and mental offerings you won’t find anywhere else. "
— A Long Sunset
"Such a fun and fascinating biohacking facility! From getting an intense workout on the oxygen trainer or cold HIIT machines or recovering by freezing myself with cryotherapy, I always leave feeling extra bulletproof!!"
— Kirsten R.
"Innovative new health solution. Very smart staff. Unique and well organized new solutions to health and wellness. It's a true one stop shop for alternative medicine. "
— Nathaniel Pitchon-G
"AMAZING experience and vibe, super informed staff too! Highly recommend the big squeeze for inflammation, felt awesome! "
— Stephanie M.
"I came in here with severe pain in my right lymph node and after just ONE session here the pain has greatly reduced!! I hardly ate anything in over 2 days and I also don’t feel hungry anymore because of the lymphatic massage suit!"
— Zaakiya C.
"I was there every day for two weeks using the EEG Brain Trainer, PEMF, and cryo. My brain has never felt better, more focused and clear. Thank you Upgrade Team! "
— Kimberly S C
"That was the most positive and enjoyable experiences of my life. I have wanted to check out the lab since it was announced and today exceeded my expectations. Will 100% be back!! "
— David S.
"Got my Zen back. The Labs is state of the art in every way. I highly recommend!! "
— Leah R.
"Optimize your workout and recovery. Amazing experience, great service. I can't wait until they are in the bay area. "
— Amanda S.
"If you're even remotely interested in fitness, wellness, sports therapy, or cryotherapy, Dave Asprey has inspired a revolution in the health industry. Must swing by if you're anywhere in Los Angeles!!!"
— Brandon B.
"We have been waiting quite a while to check this spot out. I knew there would be amazing technology, but the place really exceeded my expectations in regards to customer service."
— Alec L.
"Amazing workout with maximum restoration! I love the combination of high intensity workouts with less time and more recovery benefits. Cheat machine gives me full muscle fatigue in 5 reps."
— Matt R.
"My favorite place to work! It’s incredible to be a part of our members journey and see their transformations. Hailey & Becky are fantastic owners who truly are passionate about biohacking, the health/fitness community of Meridian, and take great care of their employees. This is the place to be!"
— Kalani
"Upgrade Labs provided the best experience I've ever had in the realm of longevity biohacking. The latest tech, great atmosphere, phenomenal advice and care from their well trained technicians...Upgrade Labs Meridian is the best! I will definitely be back for more."
— Kevin
"What an amazing place, an actual human lab! I had an exhausting work out on the cheat machine (7min) and then a 3:30 Cryo session. In all I was there less than 30min (which included a bulletproof coffee) thanks Upgrade Labs!"
— Dean
"Upgrade Labs is such an amazing place!! I can’t believe how much time I save now on my workouts and recovery. And Hailey and Becky and the team are so helpful 😃😃😃"
— Natalie
"Just what I need to improve my recovery. I love the light bed & could lay in big squeeze for hours if they let me! For reference I drop around 3-5lbs water weight each time I use it & I feel a mental clarity benefit afterward too. It's a must try!"
— Noell
"I love the concept of training from the cellular level. From the inside out. And I love all the staff! So helpful and uniquely skilled and specialized."
— Theresa
"Upgrade Labs is a place where people go to take responsibility for their health and thrive. I became a member because I believe we grow better in the community. It's a place where I can go to Upgrade not only my biology but community and connection as well."
— Jenna
"The Upgrade Labs team offers lots of helpful suggestions designed specifically to meet my goals which range from metabolic to improved focus and energy as well as post injury recovery."
— Shawn

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If you were a superhero, what would your biohacking superpower be? ...

🌟 Quick Pick: Chill Thrills Cryotherapy or RedCharger Glow Goals? 🌟

❄️ Cryotherapy
Best For: Boosting recovery, reducing inflammation, and supercharging energy levels. Embrace the chill of invigoration, peak performance, and revitalizing every muscle with refreshing energy are what you crave!

🌈 RedCharger
Best For: Enhancing skin health, accelerating muscle recovery, and uplifting mood. Step into the light of rejuvenation, radiant well-being and recharging every cell with vibrant vitality are what you seek!

Cooling down or warming up?

Share your journey!

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Neurofeedback at Upgrade Labs could be your secret weapon! 🚀

Whether you`re aiming to boost focus, unleash creativity, or just handle stress like a pro, it’s time to unlock your full potential.

This isn`t just any workout; it`s a gym session for your mind with benefits that ripple through every aspect of your life. 🌟🧠✨

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Biohacking Tip: Start your day with cryotherapy! It can boost circulation, enhance mood, and kickstart your metabolism. Embrace the invigorating power of cold to optimize your day. ❄️💧 ...

Did you know that biohacking can transform your health from the inside out? 🔬 From personalized nutrition plans to cutting-edge technology, Upgrade Labs has everything you need to optimize your well-being. Ready to hack your way to a better you? 💪
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We`re not just another gym. We`re a revolution in health and wellness. Through cutting-edge equipment and technology, we`re transforming the way people view health and well-being. ...

If you could only do one biohack for the rest of your life, what would it be? ...

Boost Cardio with Upgrade Labs` AI Bike! 🚴‍♂️

Experience HIIT`s benefits: torch calories, enhance endurance, and fortify your heart. Our AI Bike adapts to your fitness level for optimal results. Elevate mood, reduce stress, and amp up metabolism! Pedal to health with us.

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holding space for release through breath and sound. ...

Our bodies are our most precious asset, deserving care, attention, and respect. Let`s nurture this relationship by prioritizing wellness, nourishing our bodies, and embracing healthy habits. Remember, your body is your lifelong companion on this journey called life. Treat it with love and kindness. 💚

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the axolotyl - our spirit animal ...

💪 Incorporate the Vibe Plate into your fitness regimen and feel the difference! 💥 Experience increased muscle activation, improved circulation, and enhanced flexibility with every session.

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You can be physically strong, eat your veggies and protein, and slay day after day… but if you don’t have outlets to manage your stress and get ample sleep to allow your brain to rest… well, you’re going to hit a wall at some point.

Good on you for prioritizing good health habits, but please don’t neglect recovery practices to keep your stress under control. The more you commit to a balanced approach to health, and put together a plan that includes mental@health practices- you will feel better.

Start small, weaving little breaks for your brain throughout your day. Learn simple practices to regulate your nervous system. None of this has to be complicated or time-consuming. Try a new habit each week until you’ve got the toolkit that works for you.

The key: consistency - and starting 😉

#littlebylittle #stressmanagement


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Upgrade Labs Riverton

Meet the Owners

After finding retirement unfulfilling, Deb began a new adventure focused on learning, lifestyle, wellness, peak performance, nutrition and changing (biohacking). She most looks forward to being evolved with a likeminded community, helping and teaching others.
JD is passionate about improving his quality of life through innovative methods, techniques, and products and sharing that knowledge with his community.
Niki is excited to be here! With over 20 years of healthcare experience, she is passionate about bringing alternative options to traditional health services in her community. Niki has a degree in Healthcare Management. Niki also loves the outdoors and spending time with her family.
Racheal is passionate about improving her and her family’s health through nutrition, movement and connection and is enthusiastic about sharing it with others. She has Master’s degree from the University of Utah.
Tom has been passionate about a healthier lifestyle ever since his wife and two kids were diagnosed with an Auto immune disease. Thanks to Biohacking their life has never been healthier.

Upcoming Events

Breathwork & Sound Bath | Riverton
Upgrade Labs, a biohacking center in the Mountain View Village, will be hosting Rachel Ellenani, a holistic practitioner, to facilitate a morning of tuning in and processing energy and emotion. Join us for a dual event, including both a guided breathwork session and a healing sound bath. Bring a yoga mat, pillow, and blanket if you like for the sound bath portion.

Ready To Try It Out?

Experience the future of wellness with our Free Cell Health Analysis ($50 value) and receive a Free Service ($55 value) at the end of your tour at Upgrade Labs. Discover how our Technologies can help you achieve your wellness goals through a personalized plan. Plus, get a taste of our cutting-edge offerings.

Schedule your Free Cell Health Analysis and learn which technologies will help you reach your goals.