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image of woman on exercise bike

AI adaptive bike™

This artificial intelligence-enhanced stationary bike adapts to your body and adjusts to give you the perfect cardio workout every time. It is the world’s shortest cardio workout delivering the benefits of a 40-minute jog in 40 SECONDS of effort.

image of woman at the gym


This breakthrough technology uses patented motorized resistance and computer software to adapt to your specific needs enhancing the muscle development process, increasing muscle mass, strength and bone density. Grow new muscle mass in only minutes per week compared to hours per week spent at the gym.

image of whole body vibration plate

The Vibe Plate™

Our whole body vibration plate encourages lymphatic movement, rapid muscular contractions and systemic circulation to provide an effective warm up or workout.


image of woman under red light therapy


High-tech full body, 360-degree lymphatic detox massage. This FDA cleared system gently removes excess water, slims the body, expels toxins, and boosts the immune system so you can look and feel your best in a matter of minutes.

man using The Metabolic Trainer™

Metabolic TRAINER™

When your blood and body carry extra oxygen, it can help fight bacteria, stimulate growth factors and stem cells which can help promote healing. The Metabolic Trainer provides you with a multitude of benefits including fatigue prevention, improved metabolism, increased energy, endurance, performance, recovery, and overall vitality via stimulating healthy mitochondria in the cells.

image of woman undergoing big squeeze therapy


PEMF (Pulsed Electronic Magnetic Field therapy) increases energy production, immunity, detoxification, helps heal damaged tissues and bone, relieves injury-related pain, stimulates organs, activates the cell’s energy, and encourages natural repair and healing mechanisms. PEMF boosts cognitive and creative brain functions too.

Image of woman in REDCharger


Harness the power of light. The REDcharger™ surrounds your entire body to red and infrared LEDs. Studies show that exposure to these wavelengths promote muscle recovery, decrease inflammation, increase collagen and elastin production, growth of new blood vessels in the skin, and energize your mitochondria.

man exiting Cryotherapy chamber


Spend up to 3 minutes and 30 seconds in a -175°F + chamber for a whole-body upgrade. Cryotherapy decreases inflammation, boosts metabolism and immune system function, turns on the body’s fat-burning mechanisms, and significantly increases deep and REM sleep. It’ll also maximize endorphin rush — the body’s feel-good hormone.

*Technologies vary by location. Exercise is not without its risks, and this or any other exercise program may result in injury. Before using any equipment, service or beginning any exercise program at Upgrade Labs®, it is your responsibility to consult with your physician to ensure that you are healthy enough to do so. We make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent these products and services and their potential for results. There is no guarantee that you will experience the same results as others.

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