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Why You Should Upgrade

We want to see our members live healthier, longer! Our team is dedicated to improving one’s longevity and health-span, without having to spend hours every day to achieve wellness goals. Our technology focuses on performance and recovery. 

We believe in optimal performance through higher technology, making you stronger and fitter inside and out. Our Performance-based services use adaptive technology and biohacking to accelerate sports training, achieving a week’s worth of exercise in a fraction of the time. Recovery services, including FDA-approved modalities, assist in detoxification, immune strengthening, and more. This integrated approach also extends to cognitive betterment, forming a comprehensive solution for physical and mental well-being, and creating the Upgraded version of you in less time.

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One of our wellness coaches will walk you through your first visit. We always start by understanding your fitness goals, needs, and preferences. Your input will guide our recommendations.

Experience the future of wellness with our Free Cell Health Analysis ($50 value) and receive a Free Service ($55 value) at the end of your tour at Upgrade Labs. Discover how our Technologies can help you achieve your wellness goals through a personalized plan. Plus, get a taste of our cutting-edge offerings.

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Member Testimonials

"My favorite place to work! It’s incredible to be a part of our members journey and see their transformations. Hailey & Becky are fantastic owners who truly are passionate about biohacking, the health/fitness community of Meridian, and take great care of their employees. This is the place to be!"
— Kalani
"Upgrade Labs provided the best experience I've ever had in the realm of longevity biohacking. The latest tech, great atmosphere, phenomenal advice and care from their well trained technicians...Upgrade Labs Meridian is the best! I will definitely be back for more."
— Kevin
"What an amazing place, an actual human lab! I had an exhausting work out on the cheat machine (7min) and then a 3:30 Cryo session. In all I was there less than 30min (which included a bulletproof coffee) thanks Upgrade Labs!"
— Dean
"Upgrade Labs is such an amazing place!! I can’t believe how much time I save now on my workouts and recovery. And Hailey and Becky and the team are so helpful 😃😃😃"
— Natalie
"Just what I need to improve my recovery. I love the light bed & could ly in big squeeze for hours if they let me! For reference I drop around 3-5lbs water weight each time I use it & I feel a mental clarity benefit afterward too. It’s a must try! The facility is top notch & the owners Becky & Hailey really care about our overall experience. Can’t say enough good things about them & Upgrade Labs 🙌🏻"
— Noell
"There's no place like it. It's not just a gym where you workout; you can detox, heal injuries, R-E-L-A-X, meditate, listen to podcasts (Dave Asprey) AND drink Danger Coffee! Thank you for creating this space!"
— Jeanette | Santa Monica
"Upgrade Labs is changing the evolution of human fitness. There is nothing like this place.. with pro-style, educated staff who share the science and coaching on innovative tech and biohacking tools to get you in Super Human shape."
— Kristin | Santa Monica
"I love the concept of training from the cellular level. From the inside out. And I love all the staff! So helpful and uniquely skilled and specialized."
— Theresa | Victoria B.C.
"Upgrade Labs is a place where people go to take responsibility for their health and thrive. I became a member because I believe we grow better in the community. It's a place where I can go to Upgrade not only my biology but community and connection as well."
— Jenna | Victoria B.C.

The Upgrade Labs team offers lots of helpful suggestions designed specifically to meet my goals which range from metabilic to improved focus and energy as well as post injury recovery. As a result, I have tried almost all of the options offered and introduced at least a half dozen friends to Upgrade Labs as my guest.

— Shawn | Beverly Hills