Metabolic Trainer

Metabolic Trainer™

When your blood and body carry extra oxygen, it can help fight bacteria, stimulate growth factors and stem cells which can help promote healing. The Metabolic Trainer™ provides you with a multitude of benefits including fatigue prevention, improved metabolism, increased energy, endurance, performance, recovery, and overall vitality via stimulating healthy mitochondria in the cells.
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Is the Metabolic Trainer™ Right for Me?

The Metabolic Trainer™ introduces a passive aerobic workout that utilizes adaptive contrast (hyperoxic/hypoxic), seamlessly transitioning between oxygen-rich and oxygen-reduced air. If you’re seeking a technology that encourages maximum oxygenated blood flow, heightens immunity, and promotes cardiovascular performance, the Metabolic Trainer™ might be the perfect fit for you.

This technology can be particularly beneficial for those interested in targeting:
  1. Passive Aerobic Workout: If you prefer a passive approach to aerobic workouts, metabolic training seamlessly transitions between oxygen-rich and oxygen-reduced air, promoting maximum oxygenated blood flow without the need for intense physical activity.
  2. Enhanced Cardiovascular Performance: For individuals aiming to enhance cardiovascular performance, metabolic training’s adaptive contrast encourages optimal oxygenation, contributing to improved cardiovascular health.
  3. Boosted Immunity: If you prioritize immune system health, metabolic training promotes heightened immunity through its process of maximizing oxygenated blood flow, supporting overall well-being.
  4. Efficient Physiological Stimulus: Whether you’re focused on overall fitness enhancement or seeking an efficient means of inducing physiological stimulus, metabolic training, inspired by altitude training principles, offers a passive yet effective approach.

Science Behind It

The Metabolic Trainer™ offers a passive aerobic workout employing adaptive contrast (hyperoxic/hypoxic), seamlessly transitioning between oxygen-rich and oxygen-reduced air. This process encourages maximum oxygenated blood flow, promoting heightened immunity and cardiovascular performance.

Inspired by the core principles of altitude training, our technology avoids subjecting the body to physical strain or atmospheric pressure. With cellgym, you experience an efficient means of inducing a substantial physiological stimulus, contributing to an overall enhancement in well-being.

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