The Vibe Plate™

The Vibe Plate™

Our whole body vibration plate encourages lymphatic movement, rapid muscular contractions and systemic circulation to provide an effective warm up or workout.
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Is The Vibe Plate™ Right for Me?

The Vibe Plate™ is precision-engineered to activate the body’s natural reflexive response to controlled vibration, ensuring consistent muscle engagement. If you’re seeking a method that delivers accelerated training benefits, the Vibe Plate might be the perfect fit for you.

This technology can be particularly beneficial for those interested in targeting:
  1. Controlled Muscle Engagement: If you value precision in muscle engagement during workouts, the design of the Vibe Plate™ ensures the activation of the body’s natural reflexive response to controlled vibration.
  2. Accelerated Training Benefits: For individuals seeking quicker training benefits, the Vibe Plate™ focuses on activating the body’s natural reflexive response through controlled vibration leads to faster fat burning, increased muscle strength, improved flexibility, enhanced bone strength, and tightened skin.
  3. Comprehensive Fitness Improvement: Whether you’re aiming for overall fitness improvement or targeting specific training benefits, the Vibe Plate™ ensures a holistic approach to muscle engagement, supported by proven results in medical and scientific studies.
  4. Trusted Technology: If you prefer technology with a solid foundation, the Vibe Plate™ has been proven in numerous medical and scientific studies. Widely embraced in clinical rehab, wellness facilities, and sports performance centers, it is trusted by professional and collegiate sports teams worldwide.

Science Behind It

The Vibe Plate™ is meticulously engineered to activate the body’s natural reflexive response to precision vibration. This engagement of muscles occurs in a consistent and controlled manner, leading to accelerated training benefits.

The body’s nervous system and reflexes wield significant influence over neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, hormonal, and proprioceptive systems. The Vibe Plate™ is designed to focus on activating the body’s natural reflexive response through precision vibration, promoting muscle engagement in a controlled manner. This engagement results in accelerated training benefits, such as burning fat faster, increasing muscle strength, improving flexibility, enhancing bone strength, and tightening skin.

Proven in numerous medical and scientific studies, the Vibe Plate technology is widely utilized in clinical rehab and wellness facilities, sports performance centers, and embraced by professional and collegiate sports teams worldwide.

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