Red Charger™

Red Charger™

Harness the power of light. The REDcharger surrounds your entire body to red and infrared LEDs. Studies show that exposure to these wavelengths promote muscle recovery, decrease inflammation, increase collagen and elastin production, growth of new blood vessels in the skin, and energize your mitochondria.
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Is the Red Charger™ Right for Me?

The Red Charger™ harnesses the power of photobiomodulation, offering a transformative approach to healing damaged cells through specific wavelengths of light. If you’re seeking a technology that revitalizes cellular function and promotes overall health, the Red Charger™ might be the perfect fit.
This technology can be particularly beneficial for those interested in targeting:
  1. Cellular Energy Boost: If you’re looking to enhance cellular energy production, the Red Charger™ stimulates ATP production in the mitochondria. This process supports increased energy levels at the cellular level.
  2. Cellular Defense and Fortification: For individuals interested in fortifying their cellular defense mechanisms, the Red Charger™ employs hormesis. This process actively strengthens anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and cell defense systems, contributing to enhanced cellular resilience.
  3. Skin and Body Healing: If you aim to promote healing in damaged cells for both your skin and body, the Red Charger™’s specific wavelengths of light, including visible and infrared light, empower cells to undergo a rejuvenating process.
  4. Overall Wellness Enthusiasts: Whether you’re focused on energy enhancement, cellular defense, or holistic healing, the Red Charger™ caters to those seeking comprehensive approaches to overall well-being.

Science Behind It

Photobiomodulation is like photosynthesis for your skin and body; it essentially empowers damaged cells to heal themselves with the help of specific wavelengths of light, including visible light (400-700nm) and infrared light (700-1100nm). There are two key mechanisms of how light therapy benefits cellular function and overall health:
1. Stimulating ATP production in the mitochondria
2. Hormesis – the process of building up the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cell defense systems of the cell

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