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Court Dominance: Gaining an Edge in Pickleball with Upgrade Labs

Interview with Chris Haskins: How Upgrade Labs Enhanced His Pickleball Game

Welcome to our exclusive interview with one of our esteemed members, Chris Haskins. Chris is not only a passionate pickleball enthusiast but also an avid drone hobbyist. In this interview, we delve into how Upgrade Labs’ groundbreaking technology has revolutionized his approach to pickleball. Below are Chris’s insightful responses, detailing the significant impact that Upgrade Labs has had on improving his pickleball performance.

Q1: How has Upgrade Labs’ cutting-edge technology positively influenced your Pickleball game? Have you noticed improvements in your skills, agility, or overall performance since incorporating these technologies into your routine?

A: The technology has allowed me to get more repetitions on the courts. The additional repetitions have helped improve all aspects of my game and my enjoyment of the sport.

Q2: Can you share specific instances where Upgrade Labs’ treatments or technologies have enhanced your physical abilities on the Pickleball court?

A: After adding Upgrade Labs to my routine, specifically to increase recovery using PEMF, Big Squeeze™, Whole Body red light, I have been able to participate in a significant addition to drill and play sessions. With my sessions on the oxygen trainer, I have noticed an increase on the court as well as in the gym on how quickly I recover to “Zone 1 or 2” heart rate.

Q3: In what ways have Upgrade Labs’ services contributed to your mental game in Pickleball?

A: More than anything, I believe utilizing the technology that significantly reduces my recovery time has given me more confidence in my physical movements and stability. Suffering from some arthritic knees really makes you reduce your effort on some points for the sake of “saving your knees”. Now, I feel confident to be more risky, breaking that mental barrier as I feel so much more robust.

Q4: As a Pickleball player, how do you feel Upgrade Labs’ technology gives you an edge over your opponents?

A: I feel like it gives me a significant advantage. Nothing is a “magic pill”, it takes time and effort similar to putting in the work of drilling the skills to become a better player. Using this technology to allow myself more opportunities to put in the work has become paramount. My focus has been quite focused on the physical, but I look forward to utilizing the Brain Upgrade to become more well-rounded in something that is most often overlooked in sports.

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