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Upgrade Labs Blog featuring Dave Asprey

Meet Upgrade Labs Founder Dave Asprey, Father of Biohacking

You may know Dave Asprey as the founder of Upgrade Labs, but do you also know how his vision for optimized health began? Known as the father of biohacking, Dave is the creator of Bulletproof™, a four-time New York Times bestselling science author, and longstanding innovator. He has spent the past two decades in pursuit of the most effective, cutting-edge technology to take control of human biology and enhance both physical and mental performance. Continue reading to learn more about how Dave founded Upgrade Labs and how his legacy can help franchise owners like you positively impact the lives of others.


Having struggled with his own weight loss plateaus in his early 20s, Dave understood that something was missing from his workout routine and preventing him from achieving his fitness goals. To address these deficiencies, Dave worked with world-renowned doctors, scientists, and researchers to uncover technology and equipment that would not only help others optimize their workouts but restore their biological state of readiness during the recovery phase.

Time and energy are two of the most valuable things we have. Through biohacking technology, Dave has been able to optimize our workouts, making it possible to put on muscle 3 to 5 times faster. This means we need to spend less time on ineffective workouts and can see better results more quickly.

As a biohacking franchise owner with Upgrade Labs, you can have access to this industry-leading technology and help your members customize the most effective workout routines for their fitness goals. Together, we can help them spend less time at the gym and more time enjoying life.


Dave not only underwent his own remarkable transformation, but he also made what he learned available to others. He maintained a 100-pound weight loss and improved his sleep, energy, and overall health. Today, it is his mission to continue sharing this knowledge across the globe with franchise owners like you. Members at your biohacking franchise can benefit from Dave’s biohacking technology and unlock their own inner super human.

These innovative techniques benefit more than our gym members, too; they’re a perfect way to help your health franchise stand out in the fitness industry. Thanks to Dave’s inspiring journey and cutting-edge concepts, Upgrade Labs has the world-renowned legacy, expertise, and resources you need to boost business and retain members. With us, you can help everyone at your biohacking franchise go through transformations like Dave did using the most effective technology and equipment in the world.


Continue Dave’s legacy of improving lives with a biohacking gym of your own. We’re looking for franchise owners like you who have a driven entrepreneurial spirit like his and a desire to Upgrade Humanity one biohacked workout at a time. Reach out to our team today to learn more about the requirements and the benefits of joining our unique health franchise.


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