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Upgrade Labs AI Adaptive Bike™

What Makes Upgrade Labs A Leading Fitness Franchise

Founded by the father of biohacking Dave Asprey, Upgrade Labs is the first biohacking gym of its kind. We’re paving the way with a new approach to fitness using technology that helps people achieve their fitness goals at a fraction of the time spent in traditional gyms. For motivated entrepreneurs who are passionate about accessible health and wellness, becoming a franchise owner with Upgrade Labs can set you apart in the industry. See what makes us stand out and how you can start your ownership journey with us today.


Determined to find a better way to improve health and fitness more effectively, Dave began his Upgrade Labs journey by conducting extensive tests on equipment and technology—personally spending more than $2 million on discovering what produced the best results in the least amount of time. He hand-selected superior technology for cell training, brain training, and recovery to help Upgrade Labs members customize their workout routines and achieve their fitness goals without experiencing frustrating plateaus. This investment has ultimately helped members optimize their workouts while saving valuable time and energy.

As a franchise owner with Upgrade Labs, you can have access to this cutting-edge technology that members can’t find anywhere else and whose results encourage them to come back for more. With us, your biohacking gym can ultimately lead a movement that’s helping others improve their health in ways they’ve never experienced.


In addition to providing equipment backed by industry-leading technology, Upgrade Labs also offers franchise owners like you other sources of revenue, including supplements, True Light, True Dark glasses, take-home tech, and an optional in-house coffee bar for members to enjoy. With so many options to bring in revenue, owning an Upgrade Labs presents a lot of value to franchise owners.

Our branded line of supplements and Danger Coffee offerings can help boost member traction for your biohacking gym. From workouts to nutrition, your members can get everything they need to feel and look their best all in one location. Together, these revenue streams help them become the best versions of themselves while maintaining monthly retention at your Upgrade Labs gym.


As a franchise owner with Upgrade Labs, you’ll have the support of a tight-knit franchise team. We’re not just dedicated to leading the industry with innovative technology; we’re also committed to fostering a company culture that feels like family. From monthly check-ins to annual conferences, Upgrade Labs is here for you every biohacked step of the way. We believe in working together, supporting our franchise owners, and creating an environment where people like you can feel passionate about helping others and the work they do.


Upgrade Labs is unlike any other fitness franchise in the industry today, and we continue to improve the experience for our members. When you become a franchise owner with us, you can help others optimize their workouts while achieving your own entrepreneurial goals at the same time.

If you are ready to pursue your dreams of owning a fitness franchise and joining us in leading the industry with biohacking technology, Upgrade Labs may be the right fit for you. Reach out to our team today to learn more about this opportunity. We are excited to hear from you!


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